Landstrasse 51

5420 Ehrendingen, Switzerland


By car:

From Baden: 10 Min.

From Dielsdorf: 15 Min.

From Zurzach: 15 Min.

From Bülach: 20 Min. 


By Bus:

-> Bus stop NIEDERMATT

From Baden: 15 Min.

From Niederweningen: 6 Min.

Please click the link for a detailed map of where you can park

CUSTOM KIDS parking map.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB


Turn on to Hofwiesstrasse (off of Landstrasse), on your right side are 2 parking spots at the beginning of the driveway to CUSTOM KIDS, as well as 3 spots behind the apartments (drive up the road behind the apartments, the parking is to your right). You can also park next to the field at the back of the apartments (drop off and pick up only). Please do not park on the grass.

* Please don`t park right beside CUSTOM KIDS or at the farm house where the grumpy old man lives *

If there is no parking available, you can park at the COOP parkhaus which is just a few minutes walking distance away.