Parents are bound to adhere to the following terms and conditions:



Registration is binding.


For new students / children joining Playgroup:

To secure your child`s spot in our Classes or Playgroup, a non-refundable registration fee of CHF 50 per child will be added to the first invoice. We require the signed registration form within 1 week of Registration or a CHF 20 late registration fee will be added to your invoice. The signed registration form may be sent via email, post or given to your child`s teacher.


For students continuing to the next level of classes:

A fee of CHF 50 per child must be paid to reserve your child`s spot in the next class. We offer 3 Registration options:

Priority Registration:

When this fee is paid by 30.06.2018, it will be fully refunded from your first invoice when your child continues in August.

Early Registration:

When this fee is paid by 31.07.2018, 50% of the reservation fee will be refunded from your first invoice when your child continues in August.

Late Registration:

Registration after 01.08.2018 will have a non-refundable fee of CHF 50.00 added to the first invoice in August.



Payment periods are:

    August/September/October       November/December

    January/February/March             April/May/June/July


Payment is by online transfer and invoices are to be paid in full before the start of each quarter within 30 days of the invoice date.

Important with the payment, please include your child`s first and last name and their class.


If payment is made at the POST counter - please add CHF 2.35 for the service charge or it will be added to your next invoice. 

If payment is late, a reminder email will be sent. A CHF 20 late payment fee will be added to the invoice if payment is not received within 1 week following the reminder.


10% discount is given to siblings.

5% discount off of 2nd class or Playgroup


Please note that there will be NO DEDUCTIONS for any absences;  i.e vacation, illness, etc. during the CUSTOM KIDS term. We would like to highlight that we understand that there may be special circumstances where children must miss a few classes at a time, however please recognize that we are a small business and must adhere to our protocol.


* If you recommend CUSTOM KIDS to a friend who then joins a class, you will receive CHF 50.00 off of your next invoice! Be sure to tell your friend(s) to put your name on the Registration form!


We follow the school holiday schedule in the Baden/Ehrendingen area.


For the exact dates, please refer to the "Timetable / holiday schedule" section of this website.


Children may be dropped-off 5 minutes before the start of each session.

Children should be on time and ready to go when classes start. Our teachers put a lot of time in creating and planning their classes so late arrival disrupts the lesson plan and precious teaching time is lost.


*Please arrive on time to pick up your child(ren) so that you are not infringing on the personal time of our teachers!

Unless there is a special unforeseen circumstance, the following late policy will apply after being 5 minutes late:

- First time late you will be given a warning.

- Second time late you will be given a CHF 20 late pick up fee for up to 10 minutes late. After 10 minutes it will be CHF 1/minute for each additional minute you are late.


Please inform us if your child requires special medical attention.


If your child is sick / unable to attend a class or Playgroup, you are requested to inform your child(rens) group leader or teacher. You will be given contact information for your child`s teacher so you can contact them directly.


Please provide a snack and a drink for your child. This should be sent in a container so that any unfinished portions may be repacked and sent home. For the children in our classes, the snack should be something that they can eat without help from the teachers as they use the break time to work one on one with the children.


Photos taken at CUSTOM KIDS are occasionally shared on our website and/or facebook page. Please inform us if you don`t want us to share photos of your child.


Please ensure that your child is covered by third party liability (Privathaftpflichtversicherung) and health insurance against sickness and accident (Kranken-und Unfallversicherung bei Krankenkasse).


CUSTOM KIDS will repair or replace broken equipment and toys due to normal wear and tear. However, should your child purposely damage or break equipment or toys, then the item will be repaired or replaced a the cost of the parents.

Parents will be charged CHF 10 for lost or damaged reading books.


There are 2 parking spots at the beginning of the driveway to CUSTOM KIDS and 3 spots if you drive up behind the building. You can also park on the street in front of the field (for drop off and pick up only).

If these spots are taken, there is the COOP parkhaus just down the street.

As there are a lot of kids coming and going, please do not drive up and park right beside CUSTOM KIDS and we would appreciate it if you didn`t block the driveway.


Our classes are year long classes that run from August until the first week of July.

Three months written notice (at the end of a month) is required if you wish to withdraw your child from CUSTOM KIDS. Notice is accepted via email or registered mail.


Playgroup is for children from age 2-5 years. Children registered in our Playgroup keep their spot(s) until notice is given.

If your child is unable to continue after the summer holidays, written notice must be given by the end of April. To withdraw your child from Playgroup at any other time in the school year three months written notice (at the end of a month) is required.


If proper notice is not given, parents are liable for the next quarter`s fees.

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.