Reading Club

Why should children join a Reading Club?

  • Opportunity to read, formulate opinions, and discuss stories from a wide array of genres.
  • Discover what types of books interest them most.
  • Improve confidence and expressing thoughts and opinions.
  • Children will be encouraged to understand the message behind the book and to look for a personal connection within the themes of each book. This will enable them to engage at a deeper level, while gaining a greater understanding of language. In this way, your child will develop a greater love of reading.
  • Learn a key skill: reading comprehension.           

    Look more deeply at things such as what is being inferred? What questions can we ask? What do we know from what we have read? What does this description tell us about the character? How do we know that? How can we summarize what we have read so far?

In CK`s Reading Club, a new book will be chosen and discussed each month. This means that the children can sign up for one book at at time. The first 3 books chosen are: The One and Only Ivan, Wonder and Because of Winn Dixie.

Parents are responsible to buy the books themselves or borrow from a library.

For more info and registration:

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