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Mondays 16:15-18:15

 In the Creative Writing class the children can read and write fairly fluently. They are introduced to, and given practice at different types of writing which include creative stories, letters, instructions, factual information, reading comprehensions and poetry. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are continually revised. Special emphasis is put on the differences between the English and German languages such as vowel sounds and the use of capital letters. The academic work is balanced with word games and lighter activities such as matching answers to jokes, class quizzes and competitions.

For children aged 8-10.


Monday 16:15-18:15   

Halloween fun: Witches`spells and recipes!       October 2013

"The Reindeer that almost snuffed it"               December 2013

And the GOLDEN EGG AWARD 2014 goes to.... drum roll please.... CUSTOM KIDS Creative Writing class for their outstanding performance of Jack and the Beanstalk!!

Well done!!  July 2014

"Mirror mirror on the wall"                                                                         July 2015

SPOOKY Halloween stories and poems                                           October 2015

"The Reindeer that almost snuffed it"                                        December 2015

Outstanding performance of "JILL AND THE BEANSTALK"                         June 2016