Why should young children learn English?


Children who learn English at a young age can learn to speak without an accent. Their brains are open to new sounds and patterns so they learn by copying new sounds and learn proper pronunciation. Children jump right in and try out what they have learned without worrying about mistakes.


Young children enjoy learning! Children’s nursery rhymes, silly songs, games and other activities make language learning so much fun. It is amazing how quickly children will pick up English while having fun!


If you still need another reason - English is the international language of communication and is used by hundreds of millions around the world for entertainment, as well as commercial and technical purposes. English is the language of the internet, computers, aviation, science, and tourism. Speaking English will boost career opportunities and also makes traveling more fun... the list goes on!


Give your child the gift of English!

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ENGLISH FOR KIDS 1 (ages 4-6)

Tuesdays 14:00-15:30

Thursdays 15:30-17:00

This beginner class is from age 4.  The children will learn English through stories, fantasy and FUN while developing their fine motor skills. They will have lot`s of opportunity to move, sing, play, explore and will enjoy a FUN introduction to English letters and words.


ENGLISH FOR KIDS 2 (ages 7-9) 

Thursdays 16:30-18.00

We need 1 more child to offer a semi-private class or 2 more children to start a regular class. Contact us if interested!

Level 2 encourages the children to develop their writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension. The children will start learning sentence structure, verbs / nouns, oral communication skills and they will do more writing. This class is structured in a playful way that makes learning FUN!

The pirate unit has come to an end. What an adventure the kids had, they even dug for treasure! Stay tuned to see what other adventures are in store...

Our beginner English class exploring Spring!

* Spass haben und dabei Englisch lernen *


Englisch verbindet, hilft andere zu verstehen und verstanden zu werden. Im Ausland, im Internet oder in der Arbeitswelt hat sich Englisch zur Standardsprache establiert. Aus diesem Grund verbessern früh erlernte Sprachkenntnisse die späteren Berufschancen erheblich.

Kleine Kinder nehmen Fremdsprachen ohne Mühe auf und können sie später einfach und unbeschwert einsetzen. Von diesem Vorteil sollten möglichst viele Kinder profitieren können.

Exploring autumn with our ENGLISH FOR KIDS 1 class

Ahoy mates!