*NEW* as of August 2017: ESL STARTER CLASS for children starting Kindergarten

(suitable for 4 year olds).

Thursdays 14:00-15:30 / Monday as well if there are 4 kids interested!


ESL Level 1 and 2: Day and time to be announced. Contact us for more info.


Join us and the Happy House characters for 1.5 hours of FUN!

Happy House introduces children to English through an appealing story line which combines both familiar contexts and a fantasy world. Children can relate to the characters Polly, Jack, and their baby sister, while also enjoying the adventures of a family of mice that live under the floorboards.

Each unit follows a very clear pattern which gives children confidence and helps them to learn.

The course involves children in a process of language learning which is FUN and highly motivating. It includes catchy songs, cognitive puzzles, coloring and drawing activities. Homework will be given so the children can practice at home.


ESL STARTER CLASS (age 4)  Thursdays 14:00-15:30

We will start a Monday class if there are 4 kids interested!

This beginner class is for 4 year olds.  They will learn English through stories, fantasy and FUN while developing their fine motor skills (for example cutting, coloring, tracing), They will have lot`s of opportunity to move, sing, play, explore and will enjoy a FUN introduction to English letters and words.


Level 1 (ages 5-6)  Monday 13:45-15:15

Level 1 encourages the children to develop their writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension.


Level 2 (ages 7-9) 

Monday 15:20-16:50

Thursdays 16:15-17:15    

Level 2 re-enforces what was learned in Level 1 and includes a deeper exploration of vocabulary and pronunciation.  The children will start learning sentence structure, verbs / nouns, oral communication skills and they will do more writing.

* Spass haben und dabei Englisch lernen *


Englisch verbindet, hilft andere zu verstehen und verstanden zu werden. Im Ausland, im Internet oder in der Arbeitswelt hat sich Englisch zur Standardsprache establiert. Aus diesem Grund verbessern früh erlernte Sprachkenntnisse die späteren Berufschancen erheblich.

Kleine Kinder nehmen Fremdsprachen ohne Mühe auf und können sie später einfach und unbeschwert einsetzen. Von diesem Vorteil sollten möglichst viele Kinder profitieren können.

Exploring autumn with our ESL Level 1 class

Ahoy mates!