If you`re around during the Sport holidays, join us for English Playgroup on February 8th !

Ages 3-5

Cost: CHF 36.00 per child


Children who are not registered at CK are also welcome!

Reserve your spot now

Our playgroup includes story time, arts and crafts, singing, exciting games/activities and free play, all of which encourage the children to experience new things for themselves and meet new friends!

We provide a stimulating and FUN atmosphere, all within an English speaking environment!


Fridays: Native English-speakers

Tuesdays and Thursdays: mixed Playgroup for native English-speakers and for those who would like to learn!

We are looking for 3 more kids so we can start a Wednesday morning Playgroup!

In der CUSTOM KIDS Spielgruppe werden den Kindern durch Geschichten, Gesellschaftsspiele, freies Spielen, Singen, Tanzen und Basteln auf sehr behutsame und spielerische Art in die Englische Sprache eingeführt. 


Das Ziel ist es das diese Kinder ein "Gehör" für die Englische Sprache entwickeln und somit das Sprachzentrum für diese Sprache aktivieren und einfache Wörter anwenden lernen.


Dienstag und Donnerstag

8:45 - 11:15

* Let us know if you are interested in a Monday or Wednesday morning Playgroup and we will make it happen! Just need a minimum of 4 kids interested.

Decorating Halloween cookies is fun for all ages!

Not everyone likes icing though.... haha

Loooooooove these crabs that playgroup made!!
Loooooooove these crabs that playgroup made!!