What a long and fulfilling journey I and my children have had with Custom Kids.
I started originally with (I think) a meet-up group in the upstairs room when Miles could just about sit up, it may have been in 2013?  From there Miles went into playgroup and then English reading and writing 1-4 and then Creative Writing.  During and after Miles came his younger brother Morten, also completing reading and writing 1-4 and soon to finish Creative Writing.
A ten year journey of learning, discovery and friendship with Custom Kids.
Although we speak English at home and my children understand spoken English to a high level, as Miles's interest in letters on signs and how to read things started to grow I was nervous about trying to teach him reading or writing: I learnt it as a native in the UK and had little skills to help my child.  Combined with the frustrations and boredom of "having mummy try to teach you" I was concerned my best efforts would be confusing or less than helpful.  It was very important to me since I have English speaking ex-pat friends who's children's spoken English is excellent but will avoid reading in English and whose written English is many years below their biological age.  Such a golden opportunity lost.  So I was enormously glad to be able to access a local school that could guide my children, and me, on our English reading and writing journey.
I learnt "magic e", and the incredibly helpful navigation of the English phonetic alphabet with "i i i inky mouse!" and "e e e eggs!" to name but a few (I can still do the actions).  Tips to get b and d the right way round (the bat then the ball for b and the nose and ears for the d, donkey) which I wasn't able to manage alone.  I still look back in awe at how the whole CK team stepped up and pulled together to keep teaching through the covid lockdown, and afterwards with social distancing and masks.  Louise on video stream with her tricky words hat and teaching "yummy yellow yoghurt" is a memory that still makes me smile and gives me goosebumps when I think about the effort and care which every teacher invested in every child though those long and stressful days.  There have been songs, learning based crafts, poems and memorable plays and shows.  The children may not always appreciate it, but learning at Custom Kids is engaging and therefore more easily memorable and that is down to all of the teachers being engaging and going the extra mile.  Behind those teachers, must be a good Head Teacher that enables and empowers them so although you don't stand in front of my children you must, logically, be standing behind their teachers - so well done you.
My children made good friends who they met up with outside of classroom time - as a bonus providing yet more English exposure and practice. I made new friends, some of them life-long. Melissa and I have been to visit in Paris and am in regular contact with. Through Caroline I have joined the English Carol Choir.
And then there are mums who I have become friends with and who I meet up with in 'grown-up' time.
During 10 years I have had nothing but admiration for all the teachers my children have had.  Without fail, they have all been caring, engaging, honest, supportive, flexible and kind.  It is rare to come into contact with a business where one can say that all of the employees are good and all represent the business to the highest standard - may that continue ad infinitum for future generations of children, putting in place an excellent English reading and writing base for their entire lives.
My children are ready to move on, but I see them moving forward with a confident and informed base that Custom Kids has helped them to build. Personally, I shall miss my weekly trips to Ehrendingen and contact with Custom Kids: maybe I should have some sort of graduation ceremony, with a mortar board and photos, so that I have proper closure for this phase in my life!

I am really impressed with how well Custom Kids is run.

A really friendly, super fun and very professional school.... A+!!

My son (6) has attended the English classes here since summer 2023 and absolutely loves it. We weren't sure which level he would be in at first and the school were really flexible, trying two different classes and we were able to have some private tuition to fill in the gaps. The classes are engaging and fun, with movement, games and drama to bring the language to life. He's made so much progress in a really short time and even likes doing his English homework! As a parent, I am regularly informed about what the kids are learning and how I can help and we're often invited into the classroom to watch short plays at the end of term which is lovely. We drive 30 minutes to get to Custom Kids, so I wasn't sure about it at first, but am am so glad we signed up, it's worth the drive. I would really recommend the school for kids of all ages.  

My kids have been attending Custom Kids classes for more than 5 years now, which has helped them a lot to boost their English skills and feel confident and interested in improving their English overall. I honestly did not even realize how quickly they started reading and became quite fluent. They have always liked their teachers and went to class with high motivation, from playgroup to first reading and writing all the way to creative writing classes. The class activities vary a lot and leave freedom to the kids to also choose what they want to do, depending on their interest. They also enjoyed some acting in class, preparing the end of the year performances for the parents. I definitely recommend Custom Kids to all parents who want to strengthen English skills of their child.  

Not only has our bi-lingual son started replying to us in English again... there are tears if he thinks he might have to miss his CK group for any reason! He keeps asking when his (currently too young) little brother can come along as well. As you know, feedback from a 4 year is always brutally honest, so praise does not come higher.  

I would highly recommend Custom Kids. All three of my children have attended a class there. My eldest daughter attended the creative writing class which she loved. It was a great way to keep up her English once we moved back to Switzerland from New Zealand. She has not only kept it up but learnt a whole lot more! My son attended the reading and writing class for two years. It has been wonderful to see him begin to read Dr Seuss books by himself. My youngest daughter attended playgroup where she had a lot of fun doing arts and crafts and meeting new friends. The teachers and play group leaders have all been so friendly, welcoming and professional.  

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the team for providing such a great service. Harry has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Custom Kids and has benefited tremendously from the courses.  

Unsere Tochter ist seid sie zwei Jahre alt ist regelmässig in der Custom Kids „english playgroup“ und geniesst es sehr! Tolles und kreatives basteln und spielen, sehr nette Betreeung durch Kelly und immer wieder spezielle Events. Super wie die Kids hier erste Wörter in english aufschnappen und mit anderen Kids (ob englischsprechend oder nicht) spielen! Vielen Dank Custom Kids!!!  

Both of our kids are attending the playgroup and reading class here, highly qualified and caring teachers, i definitely recommend Custom Kids! Happy kids and happy parents.  

The method used to teach English is excellent. Activities and science classes are much loved by children, they are very enthusiastic and like to participate. Super!!!  

My daughter loves it :-) child happy Mami happy.  

Benjamin loves playgroup. Both of his teachers seem really nice. He frequently brings home little projects they work on, and often I can hear him sing the little songs they learn together. Each time he comes home he asks when he can go to playgroup again. Thank you for making it such a great experience for him.  

A wonderful place for kids! Professionally run and fantastic teachers. My granddaughter loves it!

Wonderful staff! My son really profits with his English and social skills from playgroup.

Engaging and varied activities, professionally run, from playgroup through to reading & writing level 4 and creative writing.

Extremely good value, given the service you receive - I recommend them to everyone I meet.

My eldest started with playgroup aged 3 and has just finished level 4 English (aged 8): he's now reading the Harry Potter books in English, by himself, and collecting points for it in the Antolin system. Our Swiss School headteacher thinks it's a good idea that our son continues to CK's Creative Writing class, to bridge the Swiss class 3 gap while the rest of his 'normal school' class start English and catch up.

We've always been so happy that our second son also went to CK playgroup and has just finished CK's R&W Level 1. He's so proud of his 'I can read' medal.

All the staff are so professional and kind and give feedback or updates to parents where appropriate. CK was up and running with Zoom classes within days of lock down being announced - I was so impressed.

English is the 'minority language' in our house (my husband is Swiss) and without CK I think our boys wouldn't be using any English at all now, and a wonderful opportunity would be lost.


Custom Kids is a very special place run with great care and thought throughout. A lovely warm safe environment for kids to learn and have fun and enjoy themselves. We loved the creative writing, especially the plays which were inspired! Highly recommend!  

Both of our kids take English classes at Custom Kids and enjoy it very much. They learn a lot in a child-friendly yet very professional environment. An excellent place!  

Our 3 year old attends the playgroup which provides enjoyable age appropriate activities. Our 6 year old attended the Reading and Writing Level 1 class and is currently in the Level 2 class. We have been pleased with the quality of the teaching and materials in these classes. We feel it is providing a good foundation for her literacy.  

My 8 year old daughter has completed levels 1-4 and has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and has learned so much! She particularly enjoys writing stories. My son is now on level 2 and enjoying his reading books. Thank you to all at Custom Kids!  

I can only recommend to let your children join their classes. My son started few months back going over per week with no prior English knowledge and he already grasped a few words while spending playing and having fun. He loves going there, he awaits the whole weeks for his playgroup day, has made friends and every session he brings home his crafted piece of art. I can tell that the children are very well taken care of, are given enough space to play independently and are challenged on their level to learn new things. We will definitely continue when he starts kindergarten with their classes for non English speakers. I am very happy to have found this little gem in Ehrendingen.

A friend recommended Custom Kids, as English is taught very differently now, using phonetics. The teacher Louise makes the lessons fun yet informative, which our daughter enjoys, and Louise was creative with the online individual lessons during lockdown. The manageable homework set helps to reinforce what was learnt in class too.

Thank you very much to you all at Custom Kids for another year of English classes. Despite the lockdown, my son’s Reading and Writing classes were able to continue using Zoom - so a big thank you to Caroline for keeping up the motivation! This year in level 2, we’ve seen really good progress in both reading and writing skills, and the mini-plays have been a pleasure to watch. Wishing CK continued success!

My daughter loves this play school! Fantastic and attentive teachers. Looking forward to sending my second child as soon as she‘s old enough!  

A friendly, caring environment for children to learn English through a variety of interactive learning experiences. So much fun!

Highly recommended!

Wonderful teachers and a fun, intimate environment for kids to learn and practice English with native speakers.

I just want to mention how very impressed I am by the school premises, the teachers, your fast response and the relation 'service'-price.

I think you are the best in the market and I hope you remain so for many many years to come.


I can highly recommend Custom Kids. Both of my children have completed the English reading and writing classes. The teachers deliver lessons that are motivating and fun for the children whilst providing a structured learning environment.

The service is 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This is such a wonderful and safe place for children to learn English through play, science, reading and curious exploration. Custom Kids has so many ways for children to explore English, through plays, creative writing and the science club. If you are considering a space for your child to improve their English language skills, Custom Kids is an exceptional resource.  

Thrilled to share the wonderful  word for Custom Kids Language School! 🌟 The personalized approach to language learning is exceptional, fostering both skill and confidence. 📚✨ The dedicated teachers and engaging activities make every class a joy. Highly recommend for parents seeking a nurturing language education.  

My daughter (4yrs) has joined Custom Kids, and she absolutely loves it. We are extremely happy with her progress and the way the teachers take special care and attention to individuals in the class.  

My daughters just finished Reading & Writing Classes and I can't thank enough. Watching the process how they learnt to pronounce each letter and eventually start reading and writing was impressive ! Lessons at CK helped also their study at school that they could already read before starting. All the teachers are so friendly and lovely too. And Erica always provides nice and clear information that I truly appreciated. We were truly blessed to have CK near where we live!  

Firstly Jazzlyn enjoys the classes & loves to go. 2nd she learned how to read very early which made it a lot easier for her in 1st grade and wow omg, no clue how you did but she learned how to tell the time. I didn't know how to break it down for her to understand it. Thank you Custom Kids for everything!  

Currently my daughter is in the reading & writing class (level 1) and I'm in the German class for adults. Even though my daughter just started the class 2 months ago, i can see her improvement a lot and my neighbours keep telling me that my german became much better! I can't thank enough to the great teachers!  

Both of my kids attend Custom Kids and they always have a sparkle in their eyes when they talk about their class, teachers or activities they do there. I find the teachers really friendly, professional, helpful and especially as the child gets older, they give a lot of great advice for the parents how to guide them at home to improve their skills! They also make the classes really fun, which is super important for the kids to be eager to go back again.
I would absolutely recommend Custom Kids to all families, who try to increase their children's English knowledge.

Gil is so excited to be back in playgroup next week! Thank you Erica for all the immense work you put into action with administration and making sure, that CK is "Massnahmen konform". I am a business owner myself, and struggling to stay afloat, so I can relate and would like to  express my gratitude and support.  

Our Daughter loves her time at the custom kids playgroup. Kelly is a great Teacher and we absolutely recommend Custom Kids!  

great loving, learning-promoting environment in small groups. My daughter loves to go there, so i can highly recommend custom kids  

I absolutely LOVE Custom Kids!

It is a wonderful company to work for and my son loves all the special events! The English classes are excellent, lead by extremely qualified teachers!