Reading and Writing 3

The third Level is for children (ages 6-8) who know all the sounds and are confident about writing phonetic words. Grammar is the foundation for all of our writing and speaking in English, so the children will be introduced to grammar concepts. The children will learn about capital letters and full stops to make a sentence, what is a verb, noun, and adjective, as well as simple present and simple past verb forms. This level also covers more spelling rules such as the use of double letters at the end of words (cliff, dress, well) , making plurals and so much more!


The order of the alphabet is practiced so the children can begin to use dictionaries to look up words they are not sure how to spell.

This work goes together with the writing of very short stories, writing about a picture, spells for Halloween etc and the introduction of spelling tests.

The children also continue reading books at their own level from our reading scheme.