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English as a second language classes

Custom Kids in Ehrendingen has a variety of FUN and playful English classes to help your child learn to read and write, improve grammar, spelling and punctuation while attending their local school in German.

Reading and Writing 1 starts from age 4. Depending on your child`s age and ability, they can join Reading and Writing levels 1-4 or Creative Writing. Contact us for a free trial to find out which class is most suitable.


Is your child interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics?

Check out our Science Activity Club!

Englisch für Kinder - Baden region

Fang an, Englisch zu lernen, je früher, desto besser!


Das Englische Abenteuer beginnt im English Club 1!

Verbesserung der Kommunikationsfähigkeiten im English Club 2 und 3!




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