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We provide a FUN and stimulating atmosphere, all within in an English speaking environment!

Custom Kids English playgroup is the right place to GROW, PLAY and LEARN! Caring for your children since 2013!

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Make friends

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Playgroup helps families meet new people and extend their social life!

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Playgroup / Englisch Spielgruppe

Through play and socializing with others their age, children develop social, intellectual and emotional skills. This includes learning about empathy, managing their feelings, sharing, taking turns and friendship.

Socialization and play in the early years are a child`s first important steps towards getting ready for Kindergarten and school. At our English playgroup, children learn to interact with others, get used to a routine and develop life long skills such as independent thinking, confidence, creativity and imagination.

Our English playgroups are mixed with native English-speakers and those who are interested in learning English!


For children from age 2 until they enter Kindergarten.

Landstrasse 51, 5420 Ehrendingen
 Please send any enquiries to: erica@customkids.ch

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